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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Chinese Patent dataset available

Zilin He, Tony Tong and their research team recently made available a dataset of Chinese patents. Pl see below.


On 19/09/13 7:16 PM, Z. He wrote:
Dear colleagues and friends,
A Google site has been set up to release the outcomes of the first stage of the Chinese Patent Data Project:  Clicking on the tab “SIPO – Chinese listed companies”, you will see files of corporate trees, matched patents, and calculated variables.  A user documentation (a link on the right) briefly explains the project.  For more details about corporate trees, matching algorithms, tricks of utility model patents, etc., I have a longer but still preliminary document (57 pages) available upon request.
Unlike the NBER patent database, we calculate a list of variables from matched patents to facilitate use by researchers who are not proficient in Chinese.  However, we are aware of the danger of the variable paradigm; “real actors were replaced by variables, narrative causality by the reified causality of variables, real time by the order of the variables”(Abbott, 1991).  Feel free to use these data/variables if your research concerns emerging markets and China in particular, but a good understanding of the relevant institutional environments and firm strategies—“the  context”— is necessary to avoid abuse of variables.
Best regards,
Zi-Lin HE
Department of Organization and Strategy
Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Tilburg University
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