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This is the reading list for the Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop on Knowledge Flows.

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The reading list has been revised for annual sessions of the Academy of Management Conference led by – Gaétan de Rassenfosse (2017), Ken Younge (2016), Deepak Hegde and Tony Tong (2015), Michael Roach and Tony Tong (2014), Kwanghui Lim and Michael Roach (2013), Kenneth Huang and Stefan Wagner (2012), Kenneth Huang (2011, 2010), Jeff Furman (2009), Riitta Katila and Kwanghui Lim (2008), Jasjit Singh and Stuart Graham (2007), Lowe and Veloso (2006), Kwanghui Lim and Lee Fleming (2005, – Graham and Reitzig (2005) – Michelle Gittelman and Juan Alcacer (2004) – Rosemarie Ziedonis and Atul Nerkar (2003).

Future organizers of this event are advised to request editing rights to this page from kwanghui, so that we keep it as a continually updated resource rather than reinventing the wheel each year 😉